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Academics & Programs

Skyline serves a diverse population from throughout Oakland, and our curriculum and programs reflect that diversity. 


Academics at Skyline promote rigor, in-depth study, challenging coursework, and a range of study that compliments a variety of student interests. Our curriculum prepares students for college and career through honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes, four Linked Learning Pathways, and wide range of electives that encourage students  to follow their aptitudes and interests during their time at Skyline. In addition, Skyline’s curriculum is guided by the California A-G requirements, Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and our school-wide Student Learner Outcome Objectives.


From our Atlas House system that ensures 9th grade students receive a nurtured and supportive start on campus, to our credit recovery, reading intervention, and behavioral health programs to further support students, Skyline is equipped to work with all students at all levels of achievement!

Building a catapult