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Core Competencies


Competency 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
Professionalism Practice basic classroom professionalism behaviors. (Arrive to class on time, bring materials, speak appropriately to peers and adults, bring daily materials for class). Understand and identify the characteristics of a successful student by developing a student driven rubric (ie: punctuality, respect, motivation, language, attendance, appropriate dress & grooming etc...) Evaluate and modify their social media connections, especially facebook, to reflect a personal professional image. Recognize legal, ethical, safety issues. Evaluate digital information for accuracy. Dress appropriately while exhibiting proper communication and social skills during a class presentation and/or field trip.


Assume roles within a group based on their strengths and weaknesses. Learn to advocate for their role within a group. Eventually rotate to develop all their necessary skills for collaboration. Take initiative and understand social cues within a group setting. Shows increased ability to take in multiple perspectives and understand different points of view. Work effectively with a peer or small group to take steps towards set a common goal and the necessary steps towards achieving it. Work effectively in a diverse team to achieve a self-identified collective goal. Works effectively to manage, resolve and present an experimental investigation.


Complete daily life-line (homework tracker/ project/ reading log) for all core classes. Develop Login/use login to access school grade book (ABI)

Manage time effectively so that projects are completed and turned in on time.

Use a Pendaflex® organization/ check in for core classes. Develop Login/use login to access school grade book (ABI). Begin to use a portfolio to evaluate and reflect on the process of learning and personal learning outcomes.

Submit a portfolio that contains at least:

  • 1 written project or report
  • resume
  • letter of recommendation/
  • thank you letter
  • brag sheet


Learn the basics of creating a presentation. Apply innovative ideas to a variety of projects as assessed according to the performance rubric. Identify an issue in their environment and propose an innovative solution. Ask “What if” questions to explore options to problem solving when developing their senior project


Competency 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade

Critical Thinking

Collect data, find multiple ways to solve problems and use rubrics to assess work products.

Evaluate environmental solutions to generate policy recommendations.

Prepare individual and peer assessment and analysis of performance on individual or team assignments. Manage time effectively so that projects are completed and turned in on time. Use accumulated information to identify options then develop and implement a plan for post high school graduation.


practice technical writing with procedural lab reports.

Plan and present to classroom peers.

Generate questions that lead to deeper understanding of the goals of the project.

Plan and present experimental results from energy audits and/or science fair projects to peers. Interview professionals with thoughtful reasoning that will help student formulate college and career options.

Plan and present building design to peers, parents, community in a team. Interview a community resource to assess and report on their contributions and roles in the green community.

Individually plan and present sustainability senior project to community. Be prepared to defend and/or persuade and audience. Be able to successful complete a college and/or job interview. Prepare a “brag sheet”.