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Academic & Eligibility Requirements

Incoming 9th Graders

  • Receive a one-time waiver for the first six-week grading period in the fall of the 9th grade year
  • Thereafter, 2.0 weighted GPA or better with no more than 1 F from previous grading period

10th - 12th Graders

  • 2.0 Weighted GPA or better with no more than 1 F from the previous grading period
  • Satisfactory Progress Towards Graduation by the first day of school in the Fall Semester
    • 10th grade = 50 credits
    • 11th grade = 110 credits
    • 12th grade = 170 credits

Eligibility Requirements

  • Skyline High School expects all athletes, class officers, performers, journalists and other extracurricular participants to be outstanding citizens and role models.
  • In order to be eligible for participation in these activities, students must maintain a C average in academic work and may not receive any F's in citizenship. Eligibility is monitored by the sponsor/coach of any activity or sport, and is determined by reviewing the preceding marking period’s report card. All eligibility issues will be reviewed by the administration.
  • Poor attendance, physical violence or fighting of any kind, possession of drugs or alcohol, or more than two suspensions from school will result in ineligibility for participation in extracurricular activities.