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Public Speaking Resources

MLK speaking

On-line Resources

  • Poetry Out Loud – Learning Recitation and other videos
  • TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) - A nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less).
  • Ignite - Imagine you are in front of an audience made up of your family, friends, and people from your community, about to present a 5-minute talk on the thing you're most passionate about. You've brought 20 slides, which advance every 15 seconds whether you're ready or not. You have a few last-minute butterflies, but off you go--and the crowd loves it. Welcome to Ignite!

On-line Curriculum Resources for Teachers and Parents 

District Subscribed Resources

  • Access your school's Virtual Home Library. You can search for books in your school library from the convenience of anywhere with internet connectivity.
  • Amy Cheney, OUSD District Librarian for support.
  • Britannica Online - digital archive/database of articles, media, books, etc.
  • Login is automatic from within district network. From home, username is ousd and password is ousd (all lowercase).
  • NBC Learn - an online resource with thousands of videos from NBC News that you and your students can use in classwork, homework, presentations and instruction. No login required within the OUSD Network. If you want to access at home, please click here for instructions.

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MLK: Nonviolence & The Beloved Community

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Awele (ah WAY lay) Makeba 

Producer, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Oratorical Fest

Cell | 510-601-0178 cell

Skyline | 510-482-7109, Ext. 204