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The Skyline High School Counseling Department is an integral component of the district’s total program. The department is staffed with a cadre of professional school counselors who take seriously the charge to implement and support a comprehensive school counseling program. Our program is designed to meet the academic, personal/social and career developmental needs of all students and is organized into three components -- Academic Counseling/Guidance, College and Career Advising and Access, and Personal and Social Counseling. We will fulfill this goal by advocating for all students’ educational needs and ensuring that these needs are addressed at every level of the school experience—exposing and removing systemic barriers ie. race and class-based fault lines which impede the academic success of any student.

Our program supports the cognitive and affective development of each student by valuing individual uniqueness, multicultural diversity and promotes the maximum development of each student’s potential.

We also will work diligently and cooperatively with all interdependent system to achieve goals that we believe cannot be achieved by entities working alone.

Our focus is on equity, access and high academic achievement of every student from every socio-economic and racial background.

We will work with teachers and administration to deliver the developmental curriculum and with parents and the broader community who are vested in our students and their ability to acquire transferable skills in academics, vocational, and social development for college, quality jobs, or career education.

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