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Concurrent Enrollment

Students may enroll in the Peralta Community College District to take courses of interest to them or to fulfill requirements. Peralta Community College has campuses in Alameda, Berkeley, and at Laney and Merritt College in Oakland.

Students should fill out the attached form:  Peralta Community College District High School Concurrent Enrollment Program, including obtaining Parent or Guardian Signature and take it to their Vice Principal for approval.  After receiving approval, the form must be submitted to Peralta Community College. Peralta Concurrent Enrollment Form.

For more information about the process, see Peralta Information

In accordance with California Education Code regulations, high school students entering 10th grade or above may enroll as special part-time students. Enrollment must be recommended by their principal, with parental consent. Units earned are for college credit. It is the high school’s prerogative to grant high school credit for courses taken from the Peralta Colleges.

Note: Special part-time high school students are exempted from paying the California Community College Enrollment Fee, but all other fees apply.  Age Limit:  Students entering the 10th grade or higher are eligible. Any exceptions to this grade level requirement will require approval from the Vice President or Dean of Student Services on campus."