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Student Drivers & Parking

Students parking on campus are required to:

  • All students must obtain a school parking pass placard.
  • Fill out and submit a Student Parking Application.
  • Provide proof of car insurance and vehicle registration.
  • Pay the $15 Fee to Student Store when turning in your application.
  • Display a student parking placard in the window of the vehicle associated with the decal facing out at all times.
  • Sharing a placard is prohibited.
  • Only park in the lower parking lot on campus.

Each placard is the sole responsibility of the registered owner. If a placard is shared among several students, that placard will be deemed invalid and confiscated from the registered owner. In addition, any and all vehicles involved in the sharing of placards may be banned from parking on campus and towed at the owner's expense. Failure to comply with any and all of Skyline's rules regarding student parking may result in having the vehicle towed at the owner’s expense.

It is not advisable to park in any of the surrounding neighborhoods especially on Balmoral, Tartar Way, Hillcrest Court, the area near and around Skyline Community Church and Brookpark Road. Private patrols are actively reporting vehicles to Oakland Police Department. Any student vehicles parking in these areas risk being reported to Oakland Police and can be towed.

If a student does not have a driver’s license/permit, insurance and or registration, that student should refrain from driving to school.

Download Student Parking Application Form

Forms must be filled out and returned to the Student Store with payment, proof of insurance and vehicle registration before you can begin parking on campus.